Galician soup broth in Barcelona

galician soup broth

Galician soup broth delivery in Barcelona



Galician soup broth with potatoes, cabbage, and white beans. The traditional recipe for making the best Galician soup broth cooked with ham and shoulder bones, sausages, and beef. A typical Galician spoon dish that is ideal both in winter and summer.

Immerse yourself in authentic Galician cuisine with our delicious Galician soup broth. Galician soup broth is a traditional soup from Galicia that combines fresh ingredients like cabbage, potatoes, and beans, creating a comforting and flavorful combination. In our Tapas Restaurant in Barcelona, we offer a special version of this dish, including a meat-free option for those who prefer a vegetarian alternative.

Galician soup broth is a culinary gem of Galicia. Its roots go back generations and it has been passed down orally as a gastronomic treasure. The recipe for Galician soup broth varies slightly depending on the region and personal taste, but the base remains the same: a tasty and comforting broth that combines cabbage, potatoes, and beans in perfect harmony.

In our Galician kitchen, we prepare Galician soup broth with dedication and following the traditional recipe. We use fresh and high-quality ingredients to ensure that every spoonful is an explosion of flavor. Our meat-free Galician soup broth is an ideal option for those who follow a vegetarian diet or simply want to enjoy a lighter alternative.

In addition to Galician soup broth, our Tapas Restaurant offers a wide variety of traditional Galician dishes. Our Galician tapas are a true delight for food lovers. From Galician-style octopus to homemade empanadas and croquettes, each bite will transport you to the authentic flavors of Galicia.

Galician cuisine is renowned for its traditional cooking and focus on fresh, quality ingredients. Our Tapas Restaurant is a culinary oasis where you can enjoy authentic and tasty food. Whether you visit us for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner, our menu offers a wide selection of Galician dishes that will satisfy every palate.

If you prefer to enjoy Galician food in the comfort of your own home, we offer home delivery service in Barcelona. You can savor our Galician dishes without having to leave your sofa. Simply place your order and in no time, you’ll be enjoying authentic Galician cuisine in the intimacy of your home.

Our Galician Pulpería and Seafood Restaurant are also not to be missed. At our pulpería, you can taste the best Galician-style octopus, tender and with an incomparable flavor. Our fresh seafood, directly brought from Galicia, is the perfect dish for seafood lovers. Furthermore, our terrace is the ideal place to enjoy an outdoor meal, with views of the lively Plaza de España and Paralelo.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our Tapas Restaurant on Carrer d’Entença. We guarantee you a unique culinary experience, full of traditional and authentic flavors. Immerse yourself in Galician cuisine and let yourself be carried away by the passion and flavor of Galicia. We await you with open arms!